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The Hantavirus risk

It’s hard to believe such a cute wee thing could cause so much trouble. The various species of mice, however, have always carried nasty germs and the viruses for many diseases, such as typhus and salmonellosis, plus a whole host...

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The best baits for trapping mice

When it comes time to confront invading mice, everyone has a bait he or she swears by. Raisins, prunes, cheese crackers, corn meal, pineapple chunks, raisin bread, cooked bacon, chocolate, candy, and gum drops are all said to be...

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4 alternative ways to trap mice

Glue boards, which are covered with a powerful adhesive and a mouse-attracting odour, are a cruel way to go. The glue is so strong it can pull fur off struggling victims, trapping them until either they die many agonizing hours...

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Live traps for mice

Live-release traps are effective and come in many different shapes and sizes. Some, like the Havahart ($14.99), are single-mouse traps. But the Ketch-All Repeating Mouse Trap ($24 - $28) promises to capture up to 15 and the Victor...

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Mouse poisons and baits

Snap traps won’t protect your cottage for the whole winter, since once a trap is sprung it won’t work again without being reset. Which is why professionals recommend using anticoagulant poisons such as warfarin and...

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Choosing a mousetrap

Even if you took precautions last fall, you may find some unpleasant surprises in the spring. Scientists in Algonquin Park estimated that the total mouse population, which swells and declines in roughly six-year cycles, was at its...

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4 ways to mouse-proof the cottage

“People ask, is it really possible to totally mouseproof a cottage?” says Robert Corrigan, a consultant at RMC Pest Management Consulting in Indiana and one of North America’s leading experts on rodent control. “I’m not...

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How to get cheap cottage land

It's an unreliable Monday afternoon on Georgian Bay, way past summer, and the cops are cruising the 400. So why have four people taken the day off work to come to an uninspiring, fluorescent-lit office in Port Severn? Two...

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