Doug and Brenda Dawson

Doug and Brenda Dawson

Dawsons put the “ING” in Boating. Books and Lessons in step-by-step detail with pictures and diagrams in easy-to-understand language—Lessons for DOCKING  for each drive system, as well as anchoring, communicating, conquering wakes, docking while cruising, enhancing boating, enjoying your dinghy, making ropes into Lines, Ramping, Tying and using knots, tying your boat, buying a boat, being a First Mate—a library of 1000’s of old boat brochures. Written by a 5th Generation Industry Professional.

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Find a deal on a new boat

Ongoing economic changes have left us with many challenges, but there are still great deals to be found on new boats. We may have to be more flexible in the boat you choose, but you should definitely keep boating on your activity...

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15 fuel-saving tips

1. Lighten the load Shed those extra pounds from the bilge and lockers. Empty out all the items that you really don't need aboard and keep just the essentials. Some recommend running on the bottom half of the tank to lighten up....

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All about boat shows

Boat shows are often a great opportunity to get special deals on new boats, accessories, trailers, dinghies, gifts, clothing, knick-knacks, electronics, and all kinds of other gadgets for your boat. But boat shows can be...

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4 tips for buying at boat shows

Boat shows make it easy to look at many different models while spending as little time and energy as possible. Here’s how to find the right boat the right price. 1. Know what you’re looking for Don’t make the biggest...

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