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6 tips for helpful hosts

While we all know that good hosts should never serve unidentified wild mushrooms as a side dish, apparently there are some lesser-known offences by hosts that are driving guests nuts. The following is a list of practical tips for...

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6 tips for good guests

In a perfect world, cottage entertaining is pleasant and relaxed, a simple and simpatico exercise where hosts take it easy with like-minded guests. No spats. No tears. No hurt feelings or bitter recriminations. How hard could it...

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Guide: Outdoor ovens

Everybody loves good pizza, but the thin-crust version, cooked in as little as 90 seconds in an 850°F wood-fired oven, 
sets a higher standard for goodness with its crispy base and blistered crust, and 
the concentrated...

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How to buy, prep, and grill fish

At our home in the suburbs, dinner was  a central event, much anticipated and consumed with the brutal efficiency of  a pillaging army. Meals were everyday fare: healthy, tasty and, because we were a family of 10, pumped out in...

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How to test fish for doneness

Previously accepted wisdom suggested that fish is cooked when it “flakes easily.” That dogma needs revising: Fish that’s flaking is actually overdone. And since cooking times are affected by grill temperature, wind, and the...

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3 ways to grill fish

The convenient foil pack Cooking in foil packages is a riff on the classic French technique of baking in parchment parcels, en papillote. The package creates a steam chamber, so while fish cooked this way won’t have an...

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Fish-buying tips

Many cookbooks suggest identifying “fresh” fish by bright scales, clear, shiny eyes, and pink or bright-red gills. All fine and good if  you visit a fishmonger in a seaside town, but that’s just not how most of us buy...

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3 tips for grilling fish

Choosing fish Grilling directly above the flames brings high reward (intense char-grilled flavour and crispy skin) with high risk (the fish is more likely to stick or burn). Choos-ing fish that can stand up to direct grilling...

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4 ways to spruce up a wooden deck

The best time to appreciate the beauty of a wooden deck is exactly one minute after the last screw has been driven. It will be a lovely sight, with fresh lumber gleaming in the sun, perhaps accompanied by the heady perfume of...

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Meat temperature chart

Nothing will cause you more grief than if you over- or undercook the prime rib or the festive bird. Note the weight of your meat and the recommended cooking time per pound or kilogram. Pay attention during the last half hour of...

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