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3 quick and easy appetizers made with bacon

Although I love all forms of bacon and worship at its oinky altar, the “everything’s better with bacon” fad is growing tiresome. Bacon jam? Bacon-infused vodka? Bacon lip balm? This is the overwrought nonsense that preceded...

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How to pick the perfect meat thermometer

Grilling meat without a thermometer is like transplanting corneas while blindfolded: There’s a good chance things will end badly. Hot dogs are hard to ruin, but when you’re tackling a big and expensive cut of meat, accurate...

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Temperature tips for hot smoking

Big chunks of beef and pork exhibit a weird smoking phenomenon known as “The Stall.” Once the meat hits 150°F–160°F (65°C–71°C), its internal temperature plateaus—for hours. Understandably, cooks freak out, opening...

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A guide to lesser-known cuts of meat

At the butcher shop, whole chickens and sides of salmon are easy enough to identify, but ribs, pork shoulder, and brisket might need some ’splainin’. Pork ribs: 
Back ribs are cut from the top of  the pig’s rib cage,...

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How to hot-box when barbecuing

No, not that kind of hot-boxing. This is Cottage Life, not High Times. An old catering trick, the hot box is nothing more than a cleanish cooler lined with newspapers or cardboard, used to keep food hot until the guests—who all...

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9 tasty recipes made with barbecue leftovers

Big chunks of barbecue can feed a lot of people, but you don’t have to invite the Probus Club over every time you want 
a taste of smoky heaven. Instead, think of pulled pork or beef brisket as an investment in the future....

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Three walls, hold the floor

As far as cottagey icons go, boathouses rank right up there with canoe Paddles, s’mores, and loons. Which is odd, really, because these waterfront garages, whether grand or utilitarian, are actually a rarity on the lake scene,...

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What permits do you need to build a boathouse?

Do I need a building permit to build a boat house? Yes. And in most municipalities, boathouses need to be designed or approved by a structural engineer. Do I need an MNR work permit? Maybe. “If you’re working around water,...

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2 grilling methods for large roasts

The cottage barbecue is often sadly overlooked when it comes to larger roast-sized cuts. This is a shame: Big cuts spend more time on the barbecue, and so they benefit most from the fantastic flavours only outdoor cooking can...

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