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4 ways to organize guests

Where but at the cottage do we so often have friends and family visit overnight? It’s a forced familiarity, beyond just hosting people for dinner. You see everyone in pyjamas, without makeup! To make guests more comfortable,...

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Canadiana canoe

You can't get more Canadian than this. Langford canoe and the Hudson's Bay Company have teamed up to bring us the ultimate icon: A cedar strip canoe emblazoned with the graphic black, yellow, red, and green stripes of the Bay's...

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What to do with old Ikea furniture

Every time I’ve moved into a new home, I’ve purchased make-do Ikea furniture “just until I get something else.” I always tell myself that I’ll upgrade to something more substantial, an investment piece, once I can afford...

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A great colour for a happy new year

I’m not one to follow design “trends.” Just because a certain colour or texture is considered “in,” that doesn’t mean that I’m going to slap it up all over my walls only to find myself hating it nine months later...

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Candles for cottagers

Wondering which candles to use for your holiday dinner? At our on-the-grid cottage, we burn candles for ambiance, not out of necessity. I've spent many mornings peeling little pools of wax off the dining room table after a long...

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Reusing old hockey sticks

In our Winter 2009 issue, we showed you how to make a coat rack using old hockey sticks. The project was a hit at our Fall Show, and lots of attendees seemed keen to tackle the rack themselves, and a few suggested improvements....

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Embroidered ant pillows: A perfect picnic perch!

I recently came across these pillows, by Toronto textile designer Bev Hisey. So playful! I have a soft spot for trompe l'oeil, and these embroidered ants are more than welcome at any cottage picnic I'm attending (or in any...

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DIY Wool Blanket

I wanted to share with you my current DIY project: a wool blanket. I was visiting my favourite fabric store (Len's Mill in Port Dover) and I came across a fabulous black, red, and cream tartan. Right away I thought it would make a...

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Register Grates That Might Be Too Nice for the Floor

Register grates are one of those little details that most people don't pay much attention to when building or renovating a cottage. Utilitarian and inexpensive tends to be the norm. And I never really gave them much thought until...

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Driftwood light fixture

At the magazine, we always talk about design and décor that brings the outside in. Using elements of nature in cottage design can be large-scale (a piece of bedrock exposed in the cottage floor, for example) or as simple as...

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