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Creative ways to use an old crib

Safety regulations have put a fair few old cribs to bed—in the dump, since many of them cannot be legally resold. To give new purpose to an unwanted model, transform its slatted sides into storage racks. We came up with two...

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How to make a shadowbox

By taking any object, no matter how seemingly ordinary, and putting it in a shadow box, you elevate it to art and encourage everyone to take a second, closer look. And even if you’re not trying to make objets d’art out of your...

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How to upgrade an old table

Every cottage needs a functional table: one that can be cozied up to on a quiet morning to do a crossword puzzle, used for euchre on a rainy afternoon, then loaded with food for an impromptu dinner with neighbours—a table that...

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Build a ladder storage shelf

Finding enough storage is always a challenge. This project focuses on a bathroom storage solution that will help you find a space-saving home for all of the must-haves at the cottage; the calamine lotion, Band-Aids, bug spray, and...

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How to make a shutter headboard

A colourful headboard adds life to a tired cottage bedroom with very little strain on you or your pocketbook. We used indoor shutters for our double bed, but this design can be easily adapted for outdoor shutters or even old...

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Make a paddle lifejacket hanger

Give old paddles and oars that are too cracked and worn for boating a second life on the waterfront as an all-purpose life jacket rack. It’s a perfect hang-up for all those cottage PFDs and other odds and ends scattered around...

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Make a copper grill table

We love copper pipe at our cottage. We use it for curtain rods, to hang overhead lamps, and as a towel rack in the bathroom. After replacing our kitchen plumbing, we found ourselves once again with some extra lengths of copper...

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Make a stump table

Wood kept in its natural form makes an inviting, textural addition to your cottage. A large hemlock on our property that was growing dangerously close to the hydro wires needed to be felled. As we cut the tree into firewood, we...

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How to make a room divider

A natural law of cottaging holds that the number of visitors must exceed the availability of beds-in-bedrooms at least once per season. Inevitably, then, your triple-duty kitchen/ dining/living room also becomes an impromptu...

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Make bucket shelving

Our cottage entryway is a magnet for stuff that doesn’t have a permanent home. Hats, sunglasses, flashlights, sunscreen, keys, and other items always end up somewhere near the door, usually underfoot. After years of staring at...

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