Blair Eveleigh

Blair Eveleigh

I’m a senior associate editor at Cottage Life and I’ve worked at the magazine since 2005. I edit our annual real estate section and many of the issues stories.

I grew up going to bungalows (what cottages are called down east) owned by my family in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, but I’ve learned so much more about Ontario-style cottaging and cottagers in the last few years. If I play my cards right, I get to spend a few weekends in the summer at cottages in the eastern end of the province, owned by a couple of friends, always a good break from the heat of the city.

—Blair Eveleigh

Recent Articles and Blog Posts

Where to find water level info

I know it’s still only early March, but it’s okay to begin to think about spring, right? You’re envisioning ice-out. You’re starting to anticipate opening up. You’re closing your eyes every once in a while and picturing...

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Take a journey through the Thousand Islands

Photographer Ian Coristine has a plaque at his Thousand Islands cottage that says, “The river chooses some.” It certainly chose him. He fell in love with the region on a flyover in 1992, and then came across Raleigh Island,...

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Fight continues for Experimental Lakes Area

The fight continues for the Experimental Lakes Area, still scheduled to close by March 31. The federal government has yet to find a suitable organization to take over the project, so the valuable scientific work done there is...

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Canadian Safe Boating Awards announced

In case you missed it, Sunday night was a night for awards. No, not the ones in Hollywood, with the red carpet and the paparazzi, but the ones in Toronto that are a lot more relevant to cottagers and others who love to be out on...

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Happy new hydro rates

Welcome to 2013: The apocalypse didn’t happen, we’re getting a real winter in Toronto (actual snow…on the ground…that you have to shovel), and Hydro One has come to its senses and eliminated the exorbitantly high...

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Budget bill will gut Navigable Waters Protection Act

With all the recent focus on provincial politics (so long, Dalton) and municipal politics (our Ford has been recalled), we’ve been giving the federal politicians short shrift these days. Sure, a Liberal leadership race is...

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Cottage Life Environment Grant awarded

The judges have decided and I’m pleased to announce that the recipient of the 2013 Cottage Life Environment Grant is the Wollaston Lake Home and Cottage Association. The association will be using the $5,000 grant to launch the...

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Recovery plan for massasauga snakes

At a cottage on the weekend, I heard about an infestation the owners had recently discovered in their wood shed: snakes, about a dozen of them. It wasn’t a big problem because they were a harmless variety, but, except for the...

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Property assessments are in the mail

Last week I had the chance to talk to Larry Hummel, chief assessor at the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC). You’ll probably be hearing a lot about MPAC over the next few weeks, as it rolls out the property...

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New act for not-for-profits

The new Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, 2010, is about to come into effect in Ontario at the end of the year. Why should you care? Well, if you’re a member of a cottager association or a road corporation, the new legislation...

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