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By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

February 24th, 2010


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Yesterday I let you in on the fact that I’m a big fan of flip flops for the cottage (or for anywhere else, for that matter). Here’s a new product that doesn’t put them on your feet, but beneath them:

These handmade doormats are made of the scraps from a flip-flop factory in the Phillippines.  I love how colourful they are; they remind me of the vibrant plastic tote bags  you often see in Mexico. Plus, I suspect that they would be super easy to clean.
The large mat is $49.99, the small is $39.99. Both are available through Canadian company Zest Kitchen.

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Feb. 26, 2010

11:53 am

I love that this company is using the scraps to create such great mats! Even better if they used 'recycled' flip flops to make them. Actually, I think I saw/heard of a company that made items with recycled flip-flops. Hmmm, must look that up! I ♥♥♥ flip-flops/thongs/skagoons/jandals/slops, and I live in them from April to October - but I sure wish they were made out of recyclable materials!

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