Thanks to this Finnish axe, chopping wood will never be the same

By Joel BuxtonJoel Buxton

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Unless you’re the creepy guy from The Amityville Horror, you’re probably not the biggest fan of chopping wood. Yet splitting wood by hand remains a crucial skill for cottagers who often rely on stoves for heat during the cold winter months.

A cord of wood goes quickly, which means the job of the wood chopper is never complete. Sure, you can buy a mechanized pneumatic splitter, but such tools are expensive and not much faster than the old-fashioned method.

Enter a very clever Finnish company that looked at the centuries-old axe design and saw a better way. Their masterpiece is called the Vipukirves, which is designed to minimize the toil of chopping wood.

The key innovation that separates the Vipukirves from traditional axes is its unique weight distribution, which turns the axe head to the right after each chop, transferring the kinetic energy sideways to loosen and eject the wood.

The axe design is also safer, minimizing bounce-back and uncontrolled swings. Sorry, designer of the axe (whoever you are), but it seems you can re-invent the wheel.

Check out this video of the Vipukirves in action, and if you like what you see, you can order one for yourself at their website.

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Heikki Kärnä

Jan. 14, 2015

6:09 am

Heikki Kärnä

Jun. 5, 2014

11:12 am

Bigger firewood. :)


Jun. 1, 2014

12:02 am

I have a question, why are you chopping the pieces so small? do you have a rocket stove or a wood stove? I'd use the soft wood, like cedar for kindling and just quarter that piece he's working with. the way he's cutting i'd burn through wheel barrows full of wood daily. Show us how you can quarter that tire sized piece, here in BC my pieces are much bigger than a 16" tire rim.


Apr. 25, 2014

8:50 am

This is an awesome product for those who like to split logs! I usually buy my wood split and I don't like to swing an axe so I used my 30+ years in the steel fabrication industry and invented "The Kindling Maker". It easily splits wood for kindling to get your fire started. Folds down to fit in your RV or vehicle and you can remove the back leg to mount it to a tree, wall or deck post. Great for the cottage!

Heikki Kärnä

Mar. 2, 2014

6:10 pm

Hello Mr."hyvrid" I am sorry to notice that I haven't been able to fulfil your demands. I am only an amateur in doing videos. In fact, they are not the main point. Important is, that people will get some kind of a picture how easy it is to make firewood with the Vipukirves/Leveraxe. The videos are authentic and honest without any kind of manipulation. Also first time in the history of axes there are safety elements build in to the eccentric blade, which will stop the blade on the top of the block. There are a lot more videos in YouTube. In most of the videos I am around 70. I have 67 years experience in making firewood with all kind of axes. I experienced them dangerous and not very effective. I have got excellent feed back all around the world. So called hard wood is not a problem any more. Best regards Heikki, the inventor


Feb. 27, 2014

8:51 am

OK.... I watched the first video and I also watched the Youtube double video. In creating these videos, there were some glaring errors made that created the cause for speculation already voiced here. First of all, the person who was using this new type of axe should have been fitted with a wireless microphone instead of trying to rely on the mike on the video camera for the audio. That was a stupid, rookie mistake. The second error was in not doing the following. Show a ten foot length of tree trunk that is of a suitable diameter. Name the species of the tree trunk. Tell us when it was felled. Show that same tree trunk being sawn into 16 or 18 inch lengths. Take two of those lengths and allow them to be split by the men we saw in the Youtube double video. Repeat this process using Canadian Hard Maple, White Birch, Beech, Red Oak, White Oak and Hemlock. If you want to make a believer out of the viewer, then you must convince him/her that the playing field is dead level and that what is being split is identical to what the viewer normally splits. I'm not saying that this new type of axe does not work. What I am saying is that the current videos fail to get the intended message across.

Heikki Kärnä

Feb. 16, 2014

6:02 am

So easy, so fast, so enjoyable, so safe. Splitting hardwood.

Heikki Kärnä

Feb. 14, 2014

2:31 pm

The one that Finland has and also Canada has, is the Vipukirves/Leveraxe. Never mind the wood, soft or hard, everything goes. No problems. Based to the feed back from all around the world, there isn't such a wood that couldn't be splitted with the Vipukirves/Leveraxe. It is so easy, no friction, no stuck into the block, no chocks to your hands as with the conventional axes and mauls, many times bigger splitting force because of the leverage. Also very important feature the first time in the history, safety. This writing bases to experience and knowledge, not thinking and speculations.


Feb. 12, 2014

9:52 am

The one that Canada has and Finland does not is dense hardwoods like maple, oak, ash or elm. This axe may fair well against the softwood that it's splitting in the video, I doubt it will have the same effect on the hardwoods we have on this side of the pond.

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