Green boating checklist

How to keep your boat in good shape the more natural way

By Douglas HunterDouglas Hunter


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  • Consider buying a low-emission engine
  • Match the engine power to the boat size
  • Keep it tuned up, all summer long


  • Save fuel by using your trim tabs
  • Respect no-wake zones in your area
  • Avoid churning up the lake bottom


  • Apply bottom wax at least once a season
  • Use anti-antifouling paints


  • Use suds only on land, far away from the lake
  • When your boats in the water, deep-six the cleaners and use old-fashioned elbow grease

Boat storage

  • Break your shrink-wrap habit and invest in a reusable cover
  • Secure your tarp properly to lengthen its life

This article was originally published on April 15, 2008

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