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By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

November 3rd, 2009

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Jane Rodmell, who has worked with us at Cottage Life from the very first issue, has a new cookbook out this fall. All The Best Recipes is available here on our website and at the Cottage Life Fall Show this weekend. Jane will be at the show on Saturday and Sunday, for cooking demos and book signing. I work too closely with Jane and enjoy our long conversations too much to pretend to be objective about her book, but here’s what some other reviewers have written:

Toronto Tasting Notes gives it kudos:

In fact, what it most reminds me of is (dare I say it?) The Joy of Cooking, back in its better days, three editions ago, when it still used fats and raw eggs, and when it was full of those “about the ingredients” sections.

Of course, with 300 recipes, it doesn’t cover the vast scope of The Joy, but it hits the same balance between beginner basics and advanced results. Like the shop it’s named for, it insists throughout on using the best ingredients – fresh, local and seasonal – whenever possible.

Dana McCauley likes Jane’s store, All the Best Fine Foods, as much as the book:

In fact, this shop was (and remains) my ‘go to it’ destination for prepared foods that are as good as I’d make myself. From the roasted vegetable lasagna that I’ve had them make in casserole dishes so that I could serve it up like it was homemade, to the buttery, super crisp gingerbread cookies (recipe below[click here]) I buy in the store as a special treat for my son, this is a book filled with fantastic recipes.

What I’m really trying to say is: if you buy one cookbook this fall, make it this one!

Elizabeth Baird points out Jane’s strengths:

I often think caterers like Rodmell have the best handle on food trends. The book has plenty of trendy flavours and recipes that could as easily be a restaurant entree, but the book never crosses the line of what ingredients are generally available and what Rodmell, in all her experience and food sense, knows will sell.

Baird is right. Jane can spot a trend six months before it happens, but just as she does for her store, she knows when it’s something that works for cottagers and when it’s better left in the city.

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