Another cottage fire in Muskoka

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Cottage fire

Photo by Huntsville Fire Department


Only weeks ago, the Muskoka Lakes Fire Department responded to a call where they found a cottage completely engulfed in flames, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage because a coffee maker was left plugged in.

Unfortunately, there was a similar scenario over the weekend.

With the assistance of the Huntsville Fire Department, the Baysville Fire Department responded to a fire on Bay Street at around 8:30 a.m.

Scary enough, the residents were still sleeping inside. According to reports, the smoke alarms didn’t go off because the fire entered the roof from the outside of the cottage.

The fire crews managed to get it under control after about an hour, however, the damage is currently estimated at $350,000.

While officials say that the fire appears to have travelled to the roof from the back of the building, the investigation continues.

Because the hazard at the cottage is so high, we’ve compiled these safety tips for both inside and outside the cottage.


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Aug. 27, 2013

3:46 pm

Hi There, My name is Jim Morris and I work at Baysville Marina directly accross from the cottage that caught on fire. You probably didn't realize this but the two men who were on the scene prior to the fire dept. getting there were Mark and Cliff Lloyd. They broke the front door down and actually broke the bedroom doors down also pulling people out of their beds. I am proud to know them and I think they should be viewed as heros. If it wasn't for these two brothers that day would probably have turned out alot differently. I just thought you should know. Thanks, Jim


Aug. 19, 2013

4:46 pm

I am unable to see the tips for both inside and outside the cottage. Could you please direct me? Thank you.

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