Crying dog saves owner from an enjoyable swim

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August 15th, 2013



Cat owners take note: No matter how much you love your furry feline, the odds are slim to snowball’s-chance-in-hell that it’s going to freak out and jump into a lake to save you like this loyal pup. Even if you’re just trying to enjoy a cool swim on a hot day.


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Aug. 22, 2013

8:52 am

Must have been written by the same person who wrote about the family of moose being 'chased down' by an 'impatient' driver. CottageLife seems to be scouring for free content to post up as their own with a few sentences written that don't describe what is going on at all.


Aug. 21, 2013

6:09 pm

Our yellow lab tries to go Scuba diving with my husband and will follow his bubbles for hours around the Island


Aug. 15, 2013

11:58 pm

So where's the part where the dog tries to save him? All I see is an over-excited dog that wants to play in the water. Our cat used to try to "save" us from crossing the street.

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