Earth Day Inspiration

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

April 21st, 2011

Earth Day

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There’s lots to celebrate on Earth Day, and as kids, parents, and cottagers there are lots of reasons to get outside enjoying the environment, and to take steps to preserve it. In case you need help getting started, here are some tips for an  inspirational Earth Day:

1. Hang out with kids: Most children seem to intuitively want to poke around in the woods, collect rocks,  chase frogs, and brandish sticks with great enthusiasm. Follow their lead. Plus, kids are a good reminder of why the planet is worth protecting.

2. Get muddy: Don’t stop yourself, (or your kids or your parents!) from doing something for fear of getting dirty. Clothes, skin, and hair can all be washed.

3. Plant seeds for tomorrow: You can do this literally, by planting a tree, native flowers, or a veggie garden.

You can also do it more abstractly, by remembering what it’s all about, and sharing that with the next generation. Start today to change your world into one where you want to live and one you want to leave to your kids and grandkids. It’s never too late, as the saying goes: The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today.

4. Do something to give back at the cottage: Earth Day is a perfect opportunity to get the word out that Cottage Life is again giving away a total of $5,000 in funding to projects that help preserve the cottage environment.

Whether you’re restoring your shoreline, doing water testing, planting trees, helping educate your neighbours, or helping the environment in other ways at the cottage, consider applying for the Cottage Life Environment Grant. Applications are due September 14, 2011. Mosey on over to our application instructions, or read about recipients from this year and last year. Spread the word!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

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