Spring crafts: Super-cute cake pop chicks

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

April 13th, 2011

Cake pop chicks

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How cute are these cake pop chicks?

I saw these edible little delights at Bakerella, online home of the author of Cake Pops.

I’d noticed these sweet-treat phenomena behind the counter at our local Starbucks, but didn’t realize they had wider notoriety.

With Easter around the corner, it strikes me that it would be a fun to make these as a little gifts for kids, as an alternative to a foil-wrapped egg—though with no less sugar, I bet!

I was surprised that the instructions seemed fairly straight-forward—if you’re baking averse, you can even use a pre-made cake mix. The fussy part—let’s call it the fun part—comes with the decorating.

(Be warned, though, that making these involves ingredients that may not be available at your cottage grocery store. So if you’re planning this as an up north Easter weekend activity, figure out what you’ll need to bring with you ahead of time).

When it comes to decorating, don’t limit yourself to chicks—check out some of Bakerella’s other ideas for decorated cookes, treats, and other cake pops below.

Also, if you’re turned off by the idea of mixing a can of frosting into the batter, I found an alternative that uses jam instead.

If anyone tries to make these, I’d love to see your attempts!

Cupcake baskets











Cake pop sheep








Easter Bonnets

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