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Yoga gone wild? Don’t be fooled…


97 Per Cent True

Guy Maddin is known for his fantastical films. Now here’s the tell-all tall tale of the filmmaker’s Gimli cottage—Marilyn, moonwalks, and all.

Total Loss
By Ray Ford

Cottage fires are on the rise. Find out the most common causes and how to protect your place.

The Island that Time Forgot
By Conor Mihell

For most of the year the population is zero. Then Cockburn Island becomes a thriving cottage community, but one with a twist.

Are You Sitting Down?
By Ray Ford

Straight talk about composting and incinerating toilets: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the ick factor.

Smoke It! Grill Guide
By David Zimmer

Where there’s smoke, there’s deliciousness! Use your own grill to get the best flavour ever, with recipes for pulled pork, brisket, ribs, chicken, and fish, plus spices, sauces, and rubs. Mmm…


Follow a barn quilt trail; update on Crown land leases; Reporter; Board game trivia; Man vs. leeches; A new book you’ll love; How cottaging changed Neil Young; Cottages for people with developmental disabilities; Fast-track dredging for low water levels


Solutions: Tips for how to hang things, and using French cleats
Stuff We Like: Two tool vests tested
This Not That: Ball vs. globe vs. gate valves
Great Invention: Flowerpot turned outdoor wash basin
Job Jar: Tune up your screen and storm doors

Cottage Q&A

By Jackie Davis

Earthworms; horsehair mattress; first-aid kit; runoff in outhouse pit; I/O engine noise

Real Estate

Rental agreements are complicated. What should be included and what shouldn’t?

In Like Zim

By David Zimmer

I hate the drive to the cottage, and there’s one thing about it that really gets to me.

Nature Scrapbook

By Tim Tiner

One sweet tree: Large-leafed, roomy, and tasty, basswoods feed and house many forest dwellers. They’re good for carving too.

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