Manitobans to see higher beer and liquor prices

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Starting today, Manitoba will experience a province-wide hike in the cost of beer.

Suppliers are increasing their prices, and the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC) is increasing its markup, leading to one of the largest-ever price hikes in beer that the province has seen.

According to the MLCC, “popular beer brands” such as Budweiser and Molson Canadian will experience a $2 increase. While this may appear small at first glance, at approximately 10 percent a case, it’s enough to concern some business owners. The move is also expected to raise about $2 million in provincial taxes.

According to reports, the commission will also be raising liquor prices next month. As of April, they are expected to go up by about 62 cents per litre.

For a complete list of price increases, see the MLCC’s website.




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