8 amazing woodpiles that could be in a gallery

By Joel BuxtonJoel Buxton

Sure, chopping wood can be a chore, but these artisan lumberjacks have found artistic inspiration in the common woodpile.

Woodpiles are a common sight at many cottages, a wall of fuel for hungry stoves and fireplaces. As any cottager can tell you, a cord can go fast in the dead of winter, and requires constant re-supply. In fact, splitting wood is such an ongoing winter chore that it could fairly be called a hobby.

Some of these woodpiles are creative almost to the point of being useless for storing firewood, but that’s not really the point. Up at the cottage, surrounded by nature, it’s amazing to find inspiration in the most common things – a simple birdhouse can become an architectural masterpiece, and yes, a woodpile can be a thing of beauty.

Just watch out for spiders, okay?

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Storage Woodpile

Photo by Six A.M.

Sure, it will be a nightmare to get at those bottom pieces, but this woodpile is certainly fetching.

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