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Four on the Floor
By Ann Walmsley

Two different families + inspired architecture = a unique, playful take on sharing. How co-owners make it work with creative thinking.

Soak It Up
By Rebecca Caldwell

Buh-bye, biffy. Hello, gorgeous bathrooms, with clean lines, unusual materials, and an unexpected paint colour that could entice you to bathe all day.

These Hallowed Halls
By Ann Vanderhoof

Tradition reigns at this grand 1899 cottage, as it ages gracefully and with loving care.

Chilly? Chili!
By Jane Rodmell

Surprise! It’s more than beef, beans, and tomatoes, but we’ve got that recipe and so much more.

Cottage Real Estate 2013

The Art of Bargain Hunting: Expert tips for scoring a cottage to fit your budget.
Five Regions to Watch Now: Where to go in Ontario and how to save even more.
Deal? Or No Deal! Look for hidden problems with that quirky gem.


Coffee addicts rejoice!; Five cottage-country roasters; Researching Asian carp; Handy water bottle; Algonquin Land Claim; Reporter; Dogs with a job; Photo caption contest winner; Thousand Islands ambassador; Funding for good works


Real Tool: Drill bits
Skill Set: How to drill metal
DIY Weekend Stump Remover
Know-How: Quartersawn and plainsawn lumber
Stuff We Like: Gyro screwdriver
Solutions: Brushless motors

Cottage Q&A

By Jackie Davis

Smelly dog; mystery flies; large leech; crib-dock sizing Keywords: With Q&A document

In Like Zim

By David Zimmer

Guess who’s got a bee in his bonnet and an axe to grind over age-old, clichéd proverbs? Thankfully, his writing is as good as gold.

Nature Scrapbook

Warm welcome: As spring arrives, the mourning cloak butterflies flutter to life.
By Tim Tiner


I’ve got this: It’s a girl vs. lunch grudge match, winner eat all.

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