Rainy day crafts at the cottage

By Penny Caldwell | 29 Aug 2007

Why you shouldn’t throw out single socks: Because their lost solemates will turn up years later under the bed in the sleeping cabin.

Cleaning is a rainy-day activity for sure. But when our children were young we had more fun things to do, like getting dressed up in raincoats and wellies and marching around in the puddles. When everybody has been couped up inside for hours, this is immense fun and the air smells so good after a rain. On sunny-day marches we collected bits of nature to dry out for the next rainy day, when we would suspend the pieces from coat hangers to make mobiles. (Speaking of home-made mobiles, we saw a wicked one made of suspended beer cans at a friend’s cottage recently – but I digress.) A variation on the nature hunt is to send the kids out with a scavenger list: a feather, a maple leaf, a pine cone, five small stones, a garter snake…just kidding.

One of our favourite crafts for young kids on a rainy day was to create pretend snakes from construction paper. Cut 2 strips of construction paper and place one over the end of the other at a right angle. Fold the strips over each other until you have a long accordian. Glue eyes and a curled forked tongue on one end. Ten years later when you’re cleaning, you’ll find accordian snakes and caterpillars stuffed at the back of your cottage shelves.

Does anyone else have a favourite activity for the kids on rainy days at the cottage?