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February 28th, 2011

Camp Out cover


We recently received Camp Out! The Ultimate Kids’ Guide. I’ll definitely be adding  a copy of this book to our cottage book shelf. It offers some low-tech crafts to make, outdoor projects and experiments to try,  knots to know, games to play (both for the car ride and outdoors), silly songs to sing at the campfire, and more. It has nighttime games, ghost stories, and recipes, and even a Morse Code decoder.
While this book is aimed at kids camping out (as the title suggests), most activities that are fun when you’re camping are also fun at the cottage. Take a peek inside the book here.

If you want to win a copy of Camp Out!, post a reply to the following question:

If I were to arrive unannounced at your cottage on an average warm sunny afternoon, where would I find you and your family? In the water, or on the land?

Update: My giveaway copy of the book is going to Stacey, who posted an answer first. Congratulations, Stacey!

Thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming!


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Mar. 1, 2011

3:08 pm

You would find half of us in the fishing boat and the other half drinking some fruity drink on the dock... oh I can't wait for summer!


Mar. 1, 2011

12:39 pm

Thank Liann! I look forward to sharing this book with my boys. And yes, so true you spend most of your cottage time somewhere between land and water :)


Mar. 1, 2011

10:21 am

That's great, Marissa. We don't have starfish at our cottage—that sounds very cool (and I don't just mean the water temperature)!


Mar. 1, 2011

10:20 am

Sounds like a perfect day, Jen. I can smell the barbecue!


Feb. 28, 2011

7:10 pm

Some of our friends will be over and some will be cooking dinner on the BBQ and others will be coming in off the boat.


Feb. 28, 2011

6:34 pm

Hi Liann!! You would definitly find my family at the beach, searching for crabs and starfish. We later would go swimming in the icy water. Marissa :P


Feb. 28, 2011

3:35 pm

Funny that both your activities are somewhere between land and water. Like a true cottager you're showing your amphibious nature!


Feb. 28, 2011

1:41 pm

On the dock fishing or getting into the canoe :)

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