A beautiful, simple winter craft: Outdoor ice bunting

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

January 20th, 2011


Outdoor ice bunting: a simple, kid-friendly craft.


This ice bunting is a brilliantly simple craft you can do with your family to celebrate winter. I can just imagine it hanging on the porch at the cottage, with the bright morning light pouring through the ice.

It looks like a perfect project for kids as young as toddlers to help with. (Anything involving pouring and mixing is very popular right now with my little helper.)

And at this time of year, it doesn’t involve reshuffling the burgers and ice cream to fit the molds into the freezer: just use the big, free one outside the door.

It comes from an inspiring blog I’ve just discovered: Two Chicks and a Hen.

For complete instructions on how to make an ice bunting of your own, head over here.


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Feb. 16, 2011

10:05 am

I've been thinking about whether there are other twists on it you could do: I guess you could add colour to the ice lanterns you can make for your walkway or porch using these type of molds.


Feb. 16, 2011

10:00 am

Thanks for sharing it with us—it's such a cool, and simple project!


Feb. 11, 2011

9:10 am

With the cold snap we've been having, this is a really neat idea!

Two Chicks and a Hen

Jan. 29, 2011

8:04 am

Thanks for featuring our project! I'm excited to look through all the ideas you have here.

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