Cool Canadiana cards from Artistry

By Michelle Kelly »Michelle Kelly

June 12th, 2012

Cool Canoe collection of greeting cards from Artistry

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I have a very hard time stepping away from my iPhone for even just one day. It’s a sad but true fact of my plugged-in life. Of course, this means I e-mail and text just as much as I dial a phone number, and keeping in touch with friends and family has become a more constant, if less-formal, affair. However, there’s one relic of my unplugged life that I still grasp to, and am not about to give up anytime soon: handwritten thank you cards. I send them all the time, and always have stamps in my wallet (because how often do you write a card and then not send it because you have no stamps?).

It’s especially appropriate to send handwritten notes (thank you or otherwise) to cottagers, who are more accustomed to an unplugged, slow-paced life at the lake. These adorable cottage-themed cards from Artistry are just the thing to stock up on at this time of year, when cottage visits are getting underway. Not only are they adorably cottagey, they also help to soothe your social conscience: All products are made in Canada from 100% recycled stock. Plus, 5 per cent of each sale goes towards loans with Kiva. I especially like their Trudeau canoe collection ($16 for a set of eight) and the Cool Canoe collection ($4 each). Order online to or to find a retailer near you.

Trudeau's canoe box set

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