Beer and democracy

By Martin Zibauer »Martin Zibauer

May 20th, 2012

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Just in time for May 2-4, Brian Palmer explores the democratic nature of beer and the best beer in the world, on

Ordinary beer lovers actually believe that their opinions matter, and they’re pretty much right. Professional brewers show up at home brew competitions to learn new ideas and techniques, and they read Internet reviews to learn what people are saying about their latest release. (I assure you the good folks at Château Latour do not care what some guy in Kansas thinks about the 2010 vintage.) The collaborative spirit runs in both directions, as professionals are expected to share their recipes with the public.

But not everything beer-related is appropriate for amateurs. Take chainsaw-assisted opening:

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HT: Daily Dish

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willy the brewer

May. 27, 2013

2:50 pm

Some home brew recipes call for the addition of spices and fruit flavors , that's fine , but you should add the flavoring after boiling the must and before adding the yeast , preferably at room temperature I also recommend brewers yeast rather than bakers yeast . The choice is yours ! Willy the brewer

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