Time to barbecue already?!

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

Fire up the grill! Because it's clearly Summer

March 21st, 2012


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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. Today we had our first company Summer Barbecue of the year, which is strange, because it’s March. And as far as I know, we’ve never had a Summer Barbecue before our Spring Cottage Life Show. (Whoot! It’s nearly here: March 30 – April 1.)

Is March too early to have a Summer Barbecue? I Googled “Is it too early to barbecue?” and the general consensus seems to be “No, never.” (If the question is “Is it too early to say I love you?” or “Is it too early to buy a Christmas tree?” you’ll get a different answer, just fyi.)

The next important question is, if Winter was more like Spring, and Spring is more like Summer, will Summer be more like Fall? Or will Summer become some kind of second, extra-hot, Summer? Going forward, will all our Summer Barbecues happen in Spring, because if we went outside in Extra-Hot Summer, we’d spontaneously combust? And what the heck comes after Extra-Hot Summer?

Apparently, these weird scenarios aren’t very likely, Environment Canada’s David Phillips said yesterday, in this Toronto Star article. So, that’s a relief.

In the end, who can really predict what will happen with our weather? Maybe in the future, our seasons will flop entirely—Summer becomes Winter, Winter becomes Summer. And then, obviously, as our office manager Dawn Yager told me, “we’ll all start talking in Australian accents.”

Note from Penny: Here‘s a photo of the cookies Jackie baked for the occasion. (As you know, Jackie is our resident baker.) In the background, you can see the red brick wall of the funky downtown Toronto house that serves as Cottage Life headquarters. So what do you think? Is it too early to barbecue?

Photo by Gary Davidson

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