Techniques for aging wood

Give wood an aged look with these easy treatments

By Raj ChaudhryRaj Chaudhry

Go ahead—you can replace that bad board in your weathered grey boathouse, deck, or shed without the new one looking like an obvious fix. Try these time-tested techniques to “age” new wood. Before you commit, test a sample first. And, for a more even finish, sand the end grain and any extra-rough patches where colourants will collect.

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Western red cedar with iron and vinegar

Western red cedar treated with an iron and vinegar solution. Soak fine steel wool in vinegar, at least overnight. Strain and wipe the liquid on the wood. For dark woods rich in tannins, such as oak 
or red cedar, one application is often enough; you can water down the mix if needed. On light woods, boost the reaction by brushing first with strong tea.

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Raj Chaudhry