Dog and horses and snow = tired puppy

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

February 21st, 2012


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I’m just back from a Family Day weekend trip to visit DD in Halifax, so haven’t seen much of Mitch in the last few days. DH took him up to Collingwood to visit Joey, and they had a great, long tramp in the woods. Two happy dogs in the snow. DH said Mitch’s curly coat picked up so many balls of snow that he was likely carrying his weight in the white stuff. He’s now big enough that DH and our firends didn’t have to pick him up, as they did a couple of months ago. Which is a good thing because he’s too heavy to be carried.

Another first: While he was away, Mitch encountered horses for the first time. Between the horses and the big hike in the snow, he’s a tired little guy.

Thanks for your recent comments on the blog. I love hearing about other cottage dogs, though Panache I was sorry to hear about your pup’s bad experience.

More next Tuesday.

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