Snowy days

By Lora Kee | 16 Feb 1999

Here at the Cottage Life HQ in Toronto, we haven’t seen much snow in 2012. Ski trips have been few and far between, and we’ve barely had a use for our winter boots and toques. If you’ve found yourself wishing for at least a little bit more snow, here are some snow facts to give you virtual dose of the white stuff.

The snowiest day in Canada was recorded on February 11, 1999. Tahtsa Lake, BC, had a record 145 cm of snow that day! I bet any teenager willing to shovel driveways could have financed a university education off that one snowfall.

Want more snow next year? Consider moving to Gander, NL, the snowiest city in Canada, or Moncton, NB, the city that gets the most huge (25 cm or more) snowfalls.

Or if you’ve had enough of all this snow talk, you could always go to Medicine Hat, AB. It’s far from the warmest city in the country (Chilliwack, BC, has that honour), but it has more sunny days than anywhere else.