Mitch’s first dog fight

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

February 14th, 2012


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Mitch met his first unfriendly on the weekend. One minute he and another dog were happily introducing themselves on the snowy trail in a beautiful nearby provincial park; the next, the pretty female spaniel had him pinned on the ground. We broke them up quickly, but what a racket. Mitch howled and howled. Was it pain, was it shock? For several seconds he wouldn’t let me near him. Talking quietly, edging closer, I finally got my hand on his collar and took a good look at the damage: a single, deep hole where a canine tooth had sunk into the soft skin over the bone on his nose. It must’ve hurt like heck.

DH packed a handful of clean snow onto Mitch’s nose to reduce the pain and swelling—and to stop the blood which seeped slowly through his soft brown fur. We put him on the leash and headed for the car. By the time we got home, he seemed to have forgotten all about the incident. The next day, the swelling was down, and he appears to be back to normal.

Who knows what signal makes dogs suddenly go from happily sniffing to snarling and nipping? It was invisible to us and to the distraught owner of the spaniel.

Otherwise, Mitch has been a happy chappy (my mother’s expression). In fact, he’s as fun-loving a pup as I’ve seen—or owned. Like the child who can amuse himself, Mitch creates his own games with his “toys.” I use the term loosely. While the puppy has a few new dog toys given to him by friends and neighbours, he likes to make his own. One favourite is a pair of my daughter‘s thick hiking socks. After Mitch found them, and added his own special form of ventilation, DD didn’t want them back. We tied them together in the centre so the toes and heels—if you can still call them that—hang out. I’m thinking of patenting the design and selling it to Pet Smart.

The other day, DH told me about a new game he watched Mitch play. The dog pushes his long retriever nose into his water bowl, then blows bubbles through his nostrils. We think he is in training for rock diving at the cottage.

Here are a few photos of our curly coated guy. More next Tuesday.


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Feb. 16, 2012

3:48 pm

I had an experience with our Gracie. While she was on the lead, another dog broke free from its owner's control and still on its lead proceeded to attack Gracie. I don't know what was more noisy---the other dogs owner screaming at his dog, Gracie yelping or me screaming like a girl and sobbing. It was NOT a good experience. Since then, Gracie is apprehensive and sometimes aggressive to dogs on leashes. I hope Mitch doesn't suffer with any long term issues from this! Poor guy.

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