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Sun-Mar Corporation offers a complete line of composting toilets, a line of garden composters, and related composting accessory products.

Sun-Mar Composting Toilets can be used in situations where a conventional toilet either cannot be used, or an environmentally friendly alternative is desired. All Sun-Mar toilets feature a unique, patented, Bio-Drum technology and three chamber design making composting easy and safe.  They offer simple installation and maintenance, require no plumbing, no water, are odour free, and are inexpensive when compared to alternative solutions (such as septic systems). In addition, they produce no pollution, save water and recycle nutrients back to nature. Typical installations are homes, cottages, garages, warehouses, barns, cabins, mines, eco-resorts and remote buildings of any description where there is no municipal sewer access.

Sun-Mar Garden Composters are two composters in one.  Great for cottage and home use, our unique, patented double-drum Autoflow™ design allows for mixing and finishing of compost simultaneously.  Mixing and turning easily, both models offer fast, odourless composting.  They are pest resistant and provide for continuous composting without the hassle of waiting for batches to finish.  Sun-Mar Garden Composters make composting easy.

At Sun-Mar our goal is to remain the global leader in composting and recycling technology through research, innovation and in partnership with our dealers (most major hardware stores: Home Hardware, Tim-BR Mart, Castle Building supplies, Home Depot, and many others). For further information and dealer locator please visit our web site at www.sun-mar.com.


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