Pop Chart Lab’s cocktail poster mixup

By Martin Zibauer | 06 Feb 2012

What’s it called when a bartender mixes a drink incorrectly? The folks at Pop Chart Lab have produced another stunning beverage poster which should help. This one is a guide to classic cocktail recipes; they’ve also designed a taxonomy of beer, plus several other intricate, mesmerizing charts. You can’t see much in the image above, but the website lets you zoom in on the posters.

“Constitutions of Classic Cocktails” took over a year to produce. Unfortunately, Pop Chart Lab should have taken a little more time and hired a copy editor–there’s a spelling mistake. See if you can spot it. (Two hints: it’s in the ring of booze, and it’s not the spelling of “whiskey”–though I’d have followed the traditional “whisky” when it’s Scotch.)