Are cottage areas in Ontario covered by 911 service?

By Kim PittawayKim Pittaway

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The Question

Are cottage areas in Ontario covered by 911 service?

The Answer

No, 911 coverage isn’t universal—and in cottage country, first responders like fire, ambulance, and police can take some time to reach you. If you or a family member have medical issues that may require urgent care, check coverage in the area in which you’re considering purchasing—and you may also want to take into account your proximity to regional hospitals.




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Feb. 25, 2012

9:10 am

Being a lake-access cottager, emergency services were a concern to us when we bought our camp. I have a chronic disease that would require medical help if it suddenly flared. If I, my family or any of my guests have to travel to town for any kind of emergency care, it's a ten minute boat ride to our Marina, then a 40 minutes drive to hospital. In extreme emergencies, we have a heli-pad at the marina for ambulance or medical chopper. I don't hesitate to stay at camp alone when my husband is at work and I am lucky to have great neighbors that would help in an instance if i needed them. We keep a stocked medicine cabinet and have full telephone service. I don't worry about getting sick or injured, but we are diligent in being as safe as we can be when at camp. Safety, prevention and preparedness is key.

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