Another fun cottage craft: painted sticks

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

November 19th, 2010


Andrea says: The painted sticks are a deceptively simple but strangely fun activity for the under 6 set. My younger guy and I talked about it for days before we spent a happy hour or so finding sticks, then painting them with stripes. I keep them in a cheap white Ikea jar (pictured) beside my bed and both of us are rather proud of them. We think they look very cool.


As promised, here’s another summer cottage craft from Andrea Curtis:

Want more? Check out the fish print craft Andrea and her family did this summer.


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Nov. 22, 2010

3:35 pm

Sticks are so versatile - they can be wands, lizards, walking support on hikes, poking tools, or, yes, weapons. We took a book out of the library called "Sticks." It listed all the many wonderful types of sticks and how you use them. And it ended very conclusively with the phrase, "I like sticks." Can't argue with that...


Nov. 22, 2010

2:21 pm

What a timely post Liann! We decorated sticks just yesterday as part of a birthday craft. The sticks were turned into magic wands (a la Harry Potter!) and new spells were created. We used markers, glue, glitter, and cut out shapes. We weren't sure whether giving sticks to ten 6-8 year olds was wise, but fortunately all worked out quite well! p.s. we've also been known to paint up driftwood that washes ashore at the cottage - often found during spring melt and most recently a 4 metre branch now known as Lizzie the Lizard. If I find a picture I will forward. Cheers.

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