Let’s go to the lake house

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

But it's not a cottage

January 25th, 2012

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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. I spent Saturday and Sunday with some friends, at a place on Lake Ontario, across from Amherst Island (just outside Kingston). We were there for a combined Girls Weekend/Baby Shower/Birthday Party/Fondue Night. (No, seriously: We don’t see each other very often, so we have to pack multiple, unrelated events into a 24- to 48-hour period. For example, Spa Day/Movies/Housewarming Party, or Breakfast/Thanksgiving/Dress Shopping/Guess What, I’m Pregnant! Announcement).

Anyway, this was a lake house, not a cottage, so, unlike my cottage, it had cool modern features, such as indoor plumbing, and a radio. Oh, and a heated floor in the porch, a special pot-filling tap above the stove, and a fridge alarm that went off if you left the door open too long. It was the House of the Future! On a lake!

My friends and I raved on and on about how beautiful everything was. I believe I heard someone toss out the idea of doing our summer Cottage Weekend (oops, I mean, Cottage Weekend/Games Night/Winery Tour) here, instead of at an actual cottage. There’d be more beds, extra kitchen space, and people could shower.

But it wouldn’t be the same. I like my cottage vacations…cottagey. Kind of cramped and grimy, with chipped dishware, and everybody playing board games. Nobody watching a flat screen TV, loading a dishwasher, or turning on the Jacuzzi. (Also, at the cottage, I don’t want the fridge to tell me when its door has been open for a long time. Shut up, Fridge. This is a vacation. Don’t judge me.)

I think we’ll make the Lake House Weekend an annual thing. But we sure won’t ditch the Cottage Weekend.

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