Where’s the puppy love?

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Tuesdays with Mitch: The puppy’s back and there’s going to be laundry…

January 24th, 2012


Photo by sonjalovas

What’s not to like about golden retrievers?

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Mitch comes home from “vacation” today. I confess I have mixed emotions. Golden retrievers are the best dogs to have, in my humble opinion, and there’s no question I’ve fallen in love with our little guy. Mitch is very sweet and he brings joy into the house. He also brings mud and (so far) pee and he ups the turmoil in our modestly out-of-control lives. I was getting used to quiet at the end of the day, not planning my schedule around dog walks and chewed magazines.

Having a puppy is like having another child, but I’m done with that too. My wonderful kids are all grown up—almost—and I’m not thinking of adding any more babies to the household!

These thoughts make me feel guilty, not to mention heartless. At the same time, most of my long-time dog-loving friends, many of whom have had a series of beloved canine pals, tell me their current dog is their last one. Is it an age thing? Are we too tired? Are we ready to move on from looking after pets and kids to looking after ourselves?

I’d love to hear where others are in their dog-owning journey. Do you plan to always have a dog?

Meanwhile, I’m about to head home for the day and, truthfully, I’m starting to look forward to seeing my little buddy.




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