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You never know what will grab your kid's interest

January 20th, 2012

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I went to the Toronto International Boat Show yesterday afternoon, and came home with my usual collection of pamphlets, business cards, photos, and the show directory.

My 2.5-year old daughter pulled the directory out of my bag and, looking at the cover, asked my husband, “Why are the kids in the water?” They talked about that for a while, and when bedtime came around I asked her, as I always do, what two stories she’d like to read before going to sleep. What did she bring me? The boat show directory.

So, we went through it page by page, talked about all of the pictures (“Look at the dog driving the boat!” I said. “That’s so silly!” she said), counted all the boxes on the map, and looked through the list of show exhibitors, naming all the categories in the alphabetical listing by letter (there’s no category for exhibitors starting with the letter X, as it turns out).

When she crawled into her bed (which had, no surprise, become a boat), she made sure to have her pirate eye-patch nearby.


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