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I resolve to be more cottagey

January 4th, 2012


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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. Was Cottage Life a part of your Christmas? It was for these readers, the Mckeown family of Napanee, Ont., who sent us this photo (the whole gang wearing matching CL T-shirts) and an e-mail on December 27:

We celebrate Cottage Life even at Christmas time. Everybody received a Cottage Life shirt for Christmas.

I heartily agreed with that—I gave some Cottage Life gear to my friends when we got together on New Year’s Eve. Later, we drank wine and watched Epic Rap Battles of History, and I tried to think of a good New Year’s resolution, so that when people asked me “What’s your New Year’s resolution?” I would have an answer. My resolutions have previously been stupid. Examples:

Grade 4: Remember to empty the waste paper basket.

First-year university: Go consistently to Calculus tutorial.

Three years ago: Finally visit the zoo!

Stupid, plus, I didn’t accomplish them. My resolution this year? Get up to the cottage more often! I feel that it’s a good one. People think that working at Cottage Life means you spend a lot of time at the cottage. This isn’t necessarily true. You spend a lot of time in an office, thinking about the cottage, discussing the cottage, and writing the word “cottage.” It’s really not the same thing. Thus, my goal for 2012…though I can’t get started until May. In the meantime, if anyone wants to go to the zoo, I’m totally still up for it. I’ll wear a Cottage Life shirt.

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