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Lexa Dome Homes

Foresight into a secure and comfortable environment

Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. manufacture wooden domes and other curved wall products using engineered panels replacing the framing component of conventional stick frame construction.   Our products vary from supplying only the dome shell, a partial shell like a band shell or domed ceiling, to a full turnkey custom home.  Anywhere the panel method for curved walls can be exploited.


Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. is a contractor, building complete homes and structures using its domes (primarily elliptical), stick-frame construction, and the standard industry sub-trades from foundation to shingles.  Our buildings have no special trade requirements other than the expertise for manufacturing and installing the actual dome.   Our dome homes have no roof trusses to slow the building process or waste space inside.  Installation is fast!


The dome itself can be up in as little as a day and lock up in as little as two weeks.   A second, and in some cases a third floor, can be installed even after the dome is completely erected and finished to lock up.  Our homes will be ultimately unique, some having quite amazing designs and often combining a myriad of construction methods.  Our domes are incredibly energy efficient and can generally cost much less than standard stick frame of the same floor area.


Lexa Dome Homes Ltd. is establishing itself as prime global player in supplying cost effective, green, sustainable and energy efficient homes to the housing sector.  In these uncertain times of climate change and global warming, the Lexa dome can give home owners additional security against earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, high winds and heavy snow loads.  Lexa does not produce the traditional geodesic domes but rather its plans are primarily elliptical monolithic wooden domes providing the inner ceiling height not usually attained with geodesic domes.

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