Chipmunk cheeks at the Christmas buffet

By Penny Caldwell | 09 Dec 2011

Our company Christmas party is tonight, and there is much excitement about who’s coming with whom, who’s wearing what, who’s drinking or not drinking, who’s the designated driver. I think I drink responsibly at parties, but when it comes to eating responsibly—er what?! So this year, I’m going to remember a summer vision sent to me a few months ago by Scott Gardner, an editor at Outdoor Canada magazine.

These cute chipmunk photos were taken by his girlfriend, Julie Blair, on their trip to Silent Lake Provincial Park. Remind you of anyone? By the end of their visit, chippie was full of both peanuts and courage. Scott snapped the last photo of Julie and her brave new friend.

It kind of brings new meaning to the term “stuffing yourself,” doesn’t it?! Have a happy and safe weekend everybody.