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What's better than Fraktals? Nothing. But Fraktals cookies come pretty close

November 30th, 2011


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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. The Great Outdoors and DIY Weekend—and the Fall Cottage Life Show—is over. Sniff. One thing that I always look forward to at the show—and miss when it’s done—is Fraktals (aka “spectacular chocolate cashew buttercrunch”). As far as I remember, It’s been sold at every Cottage Life show that I’ve ever been to since I started working at the magazine. Sure, I could buy this treat elsewhere, but I don’t. That just wouldn’t feel right. There are some things that I associate only with the show (hammers, chapped lips, the word “signage”), and Fraktals is one of them.

This year at the show, a co-worker suggested that I make Fraktals cookies. That’s crazy talk, Co-worker! But then—Holy cats, it’s a sign from the universe—I saw that Fraktals was “Now Available” chopped into small bits, as a baking mix. I bought some, and made cookies with it, much to the joy of everyone at work. (Well, except for one gluten-intolerant colleague, who said, “You put gluten-free Fraktals into your glutenous baking?! That’s just cruel.”)

Anyhow, it’s goodbye for now, Fraktals. I hope to see you March 30-April 1, 2012, at the Spring Cottage Life Show.


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