Another beautiful build from our Cottage Life outhouse plans

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

Our popular outhouse project still turns up at cottages everywhere

November 28th, 2011

Outhouse Blue

Photo by Leo Desautels

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We had a blast at the Fall Cottage Life Show this weekend. At the Cottage Life booth, which had a new location in Hall 3 this year, we saw lots of longtime (I never say “old” anymore!) friends and made many new ones.

One of those was Leo Desautels, who showed me a photo of the new outhouse he built using the Cottage Life outhouse plans. Today, he-mailed the picture to me so that I could share it with you. Leo also had some nice things to say about outhouse designer and cottage handyman Wayne Lennox: “My congratulations to the writer with his excellent detail and thoughtful tips,” he wrote. “I still need to complete a second exterior paint coat and interior paint next year. I took a few small liberties with the plan, but the result was still great. My neighbours are suffering from outhouse (actually we use a different term) envy.” Thanks for sharing Leo.

I used to have a scrapbook filled with the photos sent to me by Cottage Life readers who made this classic outhouse when plans first appeared in the magazine in Summer 1999. With today’s technology, now we can create a scrapbook on Send me photos of your perfect privy—it doesn’t matter if it’s not the Cottage Life outhouse, or if it’s not even that perfect! If I get enough submissions, we’ll create a gallery of your photos. You can send them to

By the way, the Summer 1999 issue is sold out, but you can get the free outhouse plans on


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