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Is it hot in here, or is it just that you're wearing a lot of clothes?

November 9th, 2011


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Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor. I work with great people, who often go the extra mile for our company. Sometimes that means staying late at work; sometimes it means donning long underwear and a bear mask on a warm afternoon. Don’t know what the heck I’m talking about? See “Best in Snow,” a guide to the latest, greatest cold-season clothing, in our Winter issue (p. 56). The models for the photo shoot (check out these behind-the-scenes pics) were Cottage Life’s production manager, Jodi Brooks, and Matthew Pioro, of our sibling mag Canadian Home Workshop. Once all the photo-day shenanigans were over, I got the inside scoop on what it was like to be a model. Well, for about six hours.

What was your reaction when you were first asked to be models?

JB: First, “Yes!” Then worried, when I heard I would be modelling underwear.
MP: I thought, “Why do they want a 20-year-old-looking 35-year-old for their shoot?”

What was the hardest part?

JB: Snowshoeing on the spot, staring directly into a white wall. I started hallucinating I was in a blizzard.
MP: Leaning way, way back and holding that position as I reeled in a fake fish. I’m glad the fish didn’t fight.

What was the strangest part?

JB: Wearing itchy long underwear, a bear mask and feet. Really Mom, it’s me under the mask!
MP: I think the long underwear made me look like one of the nihilists from The Big Lebowski. And the antlers: I’m not sure if they made things more menacing, or less so.

How hot did it get wearing the clothes (on an unusually warm day in September)?

JB: Really hot.
MP: The air conditioning was on, but it didn’t do much. I’m guessing those cold-weather clothes will work well in winter, because they killed it in fall.

Any future gigs on the books? Where should we look for you next?

JB: I haven’t received any calls yet, but maybe once the magazine is out.
MP: Someone said Jodi and I might consider signing up for a “real people” modelling agency. I thought, “Jam that! It’s super-model or nothing!”

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