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Sled Heads

Have snowmobile, love winter. Cold is not a four-letter word for these cottagers, who live to ride the trails through sparkling scenery.

Best in Snow
By Ryan Stuart

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. The newest winter wear is warmer, lighter, and a whole lot more fun.

Winter’s Harvest
By Jane Rodmell

Let the late-season bounty begin! With food this delicious, we hardly miss burgers.

Trigger Happy

You shutterbugs sent us more than 10,000 entries this year. Here are your best shots from our biggest photo contest ever.

Shoot First, Laugh Later

Hee hee! These contest pics put the fun in funny. And you won’t believe the one with the ladder.


Snowkiting is hot; basic moves for kiting novices; luminous ice; drilling Rice Lake; On Assignment; Rainy Lake mermaid; scientific breakthroughs for cottagers; winter reads; Reporter; a new kind of jigsaw


DIY Weekend Tiler
By Michel Roy

Techniques and tools for cutting tiles

Saturday Project

Simple butt-joint window trim

Trade Secrets
By Andrew Lupton

Chimney sweep tips

Real Tool
By Steve Maxwell

Power nailer

Great Inventions

Dock retriever; pole-mounted watering can

Cottage Q&A

By Jackie Davis

Succession; trespassing; bubblers; beavers; laundry

Cottage Lore

The Slacker’s Guide to Renovation

He’s making a list, but is he checking it?



How you can conquer your fears

Nature Scrapbook

Winter warriors

Wolves live well when the cold, spare months weaken their prey


So long, summer

A last look back, with affection

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