How to get snowmobiling

Where to find trail information, events, clubs, and hand signals

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Trail permits

Snowmobilers must purchase trail permits from the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, available through local clubs or the OFSC website, $200 before Dec. 1 ($250 after). Adults must have a valid driver’s licence to operate a snowmobile on the trails; those without a licence, and children ages 12 to 16, can get a Snow Vehicle Operator’s Licence by taking driver training offered by the OFSC. Those under 12 can operate a sled only on their own property. The permit comes with a trail guide and discounts on everything from insurance, hotel stays, and restaurant meals to hot tubs.

Safe riding

The OFSC produces safety information packages, and it offers driver training for youth and adults. See below for the 7 snowmobiling hand signals.

Trip planning and tour info

Many clubs maintain websites and Facebook pages with trail and social information. As well, go to the OFSC site and Ontario Tourism’s sledding site.

Meet other riders

Clubs often organize weekend rides, or you can join in on a fundraising event, such as a local Snowarama for Easter Seals Kids (held on various dates in January and February at locations across Ontario) or the Sled Ride of Hope for prostate cancer (Feb. 18, 2012). The OFSC website lists other club events.

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