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...and other crafty ideas to spice up your Halloween

October 27th, 2011


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Like most cottagers, I’m a pancake fan, and I loved this idea for making Halloween-inspired flapjacks. Best of all, making them doesn’t require a ton of batter-weilding skills—it mostly relies on adding decorative toppings like bananas and blueberries while the pancakes cook.

Or, spice up your halloween brunch menu with these pumpkin waffles, which sound scrumptious.

Not only does Jean, of The Artful Parent (a blog that bills itself as “at the intersection of art and parenting”), offer up these delicious-looking and delightful treats, she’s got some other tricks up here sleeve that you might enjoy doing with your little ones, such as a spider-webs made from coffee filters, and a bat garland.

Very cool, Jean! Thanks for the inspiration!

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