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By Jackie DavisJackie Davis



The Question

How can we cut down on bird fatalities caused by our windows, without scaring off all the birds?
—R. Peters

The Answer

If you’re concerned about using one of those stuck-on hawk silhouettes, don’t be. It won’t scare away your birds. Actually, it won’t do much of anything, unless you use multiple silhouettes, and cover your entire window.

Birds often fly into windows because they can see the reflections of trees, clouds, or sky, or because they can see into the cottage and out the other side, through another window. Something that eliminates the reflection or this illusion of an open passageway can help prevent crashes: a window treatment, such as a one-way film that makes the window opaque from the outside, but transparent from the inside; netting or screening on the outside of the window, which will also act as a safety net if the birds do hit it (they’ll bounce off); or closely-spaced ribbon or string hung vertically on the outside of the window. Curtains, blinds, or an awning may help too.

Also beneficial? Moving your bird feeders. The Ontario SPCA recommends either keeping them within one metre of the windows, or more than three metres away from them.


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Mr Uttley

Oct. 31, 2011

8:51 am

Screen mesh in front of your windows works great. It reduces reflections and acts as a trampoline should the birds still fly into your window. Check out this Canadian companies site for an innovative idea. www.screenscapes-inc.com. They print images on window screens. Birds won't fly into them. Neat part is they will print your own digital image if you like!



Oct. 29, 2011

6:51 pm

I have four 6x5' windows in my camp living room. When we first installed them, we had a few bird hits. Now I hardly ever get one. I've had good success with the following: 1. Window Alert decals. http://www.treehugger.com/files/2009/01/birds-window-decals-ultraviolet-invisible-window-alert.php The package says they don't fade...but they do over time. You should also apply them as directed. I have six decals in each window [24 total] 2. I have hung two bamboo whirly-gig ornaments in front of each window. They were $1.25 each at Dollarama and are NOT plastic which is important to me. Even in the slightest breeze they twirl and sway. 3. My bird feeders are either one foot from the window or at least six feet away from them. 4. DON'T WASH YOUR WINDOWS. Seriously, this works the best. No glare, no reflection - less hits!


Oct. 27, 2011

10:15 am

:) those were great thoughts to share with us Jackie. I even chuckled out loud after the jigsaw puzzle comment because I was expecting you to say you finally completed it. Thanks :)

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