My camera and I are in a fight

By Penny Caldwell »Penny Caldwell

October 12th, 2011


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Lots of cottagers take great photos. Unfortunately, I don’t, and my camera holds this against me. Guest post by Jackie Davis, assistant editor.

So, the results of our 2011 photo contest will be announced in a few short weeks, and the winning shots displayed at the upcoming Fall Cottage Life Show. That’s exciting news. The photo contest is always a little depressing for me, though, because the more amazing entries to our photo contest that I see, the more I realize what a bad photographer I am. Truly terrible. My photos are poorly composed; the subject matter is dull; the lighting is wrong. The coolest photo that I ever took at the cottage was of a garter snake. The snake wasn’t moving—so it was either sleeping, dead, or made of rubber—which is why I attempted to take the photo in the first place. (The shot came out blurry, by the way.)

I’m such a bad photographer that my camera has somehow ejected its own memory card twice, in an attempt to rid itself of the 4 GBs of lame photos it was being forced to carry around. Recently, it’s decided to stop functioning at the exact moment when I want to take the photo. Sometimes, it shuts down entirely. “You just turned it off by accident,” said my friends this weekend while we were on holiday and I tried to take a photo of them. No, the camera turned itself off, on purpose, because it refuses to participate in another bad photo session. I put new batteries in the camera. About five seconds later, it made some unhappy mechanical sounds, and went blank. Batteries depleted? Whatever. The camera would literally rather die than take my photos.

Okay, so maybe my camera is old, and I should get a new one. And yes, it’s possible that I was the one who lost the memory card. And maybe if I practiced, followed some photo tips, or read my camera’s manual, I might have better luck taking photos. But I doubt it, and actually, I’m okay with that. I’m good at other things. Well, probably.

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Oct. 15, 2011

1:07 pm

Oh Jackie, I can empathize. I go through kicks where I try REALLY hard to take good pictures but all I've got to show for it is a stack of photography books and magazines, and some blurry pictures. But I just call them my "artistic" or "abstract" shots. Maybe give that at try for a confidence boost? :)

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