Trailer saves the summer… but maybe not our reputations

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

The ups and downs of renting a trailer

September 15th, 2011


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Sharon Donaldson, our Features & Promotions Manager, took a moment out of her busy day getting ready for the Great Outdoors and DIY Weekend (including the Fall Cottage Life Show) to share this dispatch from the cottage:

Well our big new thing at the cottage this year was that we finally gave in mid-way through the week where everyone (about 15 people) were up and rented a trailer. Best decision ever. We were going through major sleep deprivation and can’t even blame it on babies. Just lots of people with differing schedules. So we went into town to the used trailer lot, and they delivered it and saved our vacation.

Evan (5 years old) was in heaven and he appointed himself the tour guide. Everyone who arrived at the cottage afterwards was offered a tour.

We ignored all the jokes about being trailer trash. We loved it and will do it again. It’s our mobile bunkie solution!

Thanks Sharon! And here’s another shot of Sharon and the family at the cottage—enjoying a little time on the water.


Our first family trip in a tube. Both kids don't look so pleased, but they loved it. And this particular tube is so stable it's like dragging a La-Z-Boy around the lake, so I wasn't worried about tipping - even kept my prescription glasses on the whole time.


Do check out all the fantastic programs Sharon and the rest of our show team has put together for the Great Outdoors and DIY Weekend, November 25-27, including these kid favourites: the Haliburton Forest sled dogs, a kids’ woodworking centre, indoor ziplining— even Santa will be there to hear the little ones” Christmas wishes!

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Sep. 15, 2011

3:17 pm

As a cottage owner for the past 9 years in lovely Parry Sound, Ontario, I can read this article and understand full-well some of the challenges in hosting 15+ guests for a week (or more) at a time... I am very suprised, however, at the context of this article. Although we have the good fortune to "own our own four walls" (as well as a cute little bunkhouse) on beautiful Blackstone Lake - I have the definite impression that this article implies that those that vacation in trailers are considered less than the rest? "Trailer saves the summer… but maybe not our REPUTATIONS" and "Trailer trash jokes" are troublesome statements to make/endorse and most definately foster a negative image. I'm sure I need not point out here (particularly in our province) that most people that own/rent trailers are honest, productive individuals/families and not the "redneck/families" that this article implies. This article outlines an experience that a family has bringing a trailer to their cottage to enhance their holiday, and not about a substandard, falling-down trailer park. Cotttage life for children and adults alike is all about family time and bringing life back to nature for everyone. A privilege for everyone to enjoy - not just those that own a cottage. Exactly what reputation are you referring to? I'm very dissapointed, Cottage Life Magazine. Lori S.

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