Hankies for walruses

By Liann Bobechko »Liann Bobechko

July 6th, 2010


Here at Cottage Life we are often sent strange and wonderful things in the mail (insects to indentify, the makings for smores, even, occasionally, animal poop!). Sometimes these things come from readers, sometimes from companies that want to let us know about something new they have made for cottagers.

Recently we were sent a box of Scotties tissues. Though I’m sure the folks at Scotties wouldn’t call it strange, they did think it wonderful that they have introduced Scotties Envirocare, a new family of products that are EcoLogo certified, and made with 100% recycled fibres (no new trees cut down – hooray!).

When I look at the box, it brings to mind a conversation that has become famous around our house. When I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband asked his brother-in-law, a veteran parent, for advice on being a good dad. Our BIL said something along the lines of: “Every child is different, you have to figure out how to parent each of them. But, there is one thing I have learned: Always carry a tissue.”

How many times have I heeded this advice and been grateful? How many times have I forgotten, and sorely regretted it when confronted with a melting popsicle, or when we get to the park and our wee girl has what we call a “half walrus” or, even worse, a “full walrus” (one, or two, “tusks” under her drippy little nose).

So, thanks to our BIL for the invaluable advice, and to the folks at Scotties for an environmentally responsible option for this most handy of parenting tools.


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Jul. 8, 2010

2:48 pm

Glad to have someone speak up for the old cloth hanky! I hadn't thought about the perils of tissue in stubble. How embarassing! Maybe cloth hankerchiefs would make a good first birthday gift—but for the parents of the birthday boy or girl. They can be put straight to use on the inevitable cake-and-ice-cream face.

Allan Britnell

Allan Britnell

Jul. 8, 2010

1:58 pm

Liann, I've carried around a grandpa-style handkerchief for years, but they never got a workout like they do once the girls came along. Whether it's a runny nose or to wipe ice cream smeared cheeks, they both know to ask – or just reach in to my pocket – for a "hanky". Perhaps not 100% germaphobe resistant, but certainly eco-friendly. Each one in my collection has been washed dozens if not hundreds of times. Plus, I never have to worry about tissue residue in my stubble...

Leslie Garrett

Jul. 8, 2010

11:38 am

Hallelujah! Kudos to Scotties for finally -- FINALLY -- producing tissues that are made from recycled paper. I hope people can get past the ewwww-gross factor and purchase these over those made from the trees of Canada's gorgeous Boreal forest (because that IS where most of our tissues come from). And thanks to you for letting us know.

Steven Curtis

Jul. 8, 2010

10:50 am

Great note Liann. To be honest, with two little ones at home, and a bad short-term memory, I have resorted to just using my shirt. Great for the environment, not so good for my look :) Try it some time ;)


Jul. 8, 2010

10:32 am

Sounds like you (and your tissue) had an eventful day!

Drew Gulyas

Jul. 7, 2010

10:25 pm

Tissue indeed. And although you wouldn't think that these flimsy items are reusable, I am often surprised at just how far I can stretch one. Today's tissue wiped 3 noses (including mine) cleaned up some applesauce, and tended to one bloody lip. Remarkable.

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