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Need a tasty antelope recipe? Outdoor Canada has it

September 6th, 2011


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Quite the weather weekend up north, wasn’t it? For part of it, I was at my parents’ mini-cottage on Manitoulin Island, then visiting Lake Panache. Wild thunderstorms on Saturday, a perfect Sunday, and then the abrupt arrival of autumn cold on Monday. As on every visit, the folks load me up with food to take home, this time including a basket of ripe, home-grown tomatoes, handfuls of peppermint and lovage (an uncommon herb that’s like turbocharged celery), and frozen Lake Manitou rainbow trout.

I’ll be cooking some of the trout tonight. First I’ll have a look through some of the ideas in Outdoor Canada’s recipe section. Not surprisingly, our colleagues at Outdoor Canada (it’s one of the four members of our magazine family, along with explore and Canadian Home Workshop) specialize in recipes for fresh-caught fish and game, most of them simple enough to be literally cooked in the field. Next time I have some caribou, woodcock, or walleye, I know where to find inspiration. For tonight, the Mushroom ’Bow Fillets—rainbow trout fillets dusted with dried mushrooms ground to a powder—looks like a winner.

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